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A Treasure of the Heart Hansen, Valerie BOOKS A Treasure Of The Heart Valerie Hansen Pembspm.co.uk A Man And Woman Work Together To Discover Who Is Sabotaging The Building Of A New Church, Which Leads To A Journey Of Self Discovery And Romance For Both Of Them Original. still cute it was pretty good kind of rushed the romance a little and not to mention it want enough romance like you find in books kind of thing it had too much reality in it. The next book in the RDI challenge I liked the book and theme of changing careers in the middle of life. Harley riding pastor and home town girl back from the big city hit it off Scary things are happening at the new church property Does it have to do with the past Kind of lame, could be my frame of mind, but it wrapped up too neatly at the end. another quick, easy, lite readi like that there was a little mystery involved, both in the characters pasts, and outside of that

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