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Description of a Struggle and Other Stories Description Of A Struggle Is One Of Kafka S Longer Minor Works And Is Divided Into Three Chapters The First Chapter Is Narrated By A Young Man Attending A Party And Tells Of His Acquaintance As He Is Referred To In The Story That He Meets There The Second Chapter Is The Longest And Is Itself Split Into Several Sections The Narrator Leaps Onto His Acquaintance S Back And Rides Him Like A Horse And Imagines A Landscape That Responds To His Every Whim He Then Meets An Extraordinarily Fat Man Carried On A Litter Who Tells Him The Story Of A Supplicant Who Prays By Smashing His Head Into The Ground In The Third Chapter, The Narrator Returns To Reality, So To Speak, And Continues His Walk Up The Laurenziberg In Winter With His Acquaintance.

About the Author: Franz Kafka

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Description of a Struggle and Other Stories book, this is one of the most wanted Franz Kafka author readers around the world.

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    I don t know why I read this hot on the heels of Lovecraft s The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, but it was a mistake.People who think Lovecraft is weird should avoid Kafka Lovecraft s got himself an incomprehensible dream world, but Kafka makes sense to no one His characters don t think logically and the world around them doesn t act logically by its own rules or anything else It s a seething, ever changing chaos barely continuo

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    That was all right, too All day in the office, evenings at a party, at night inthe streets, and nothing to excess A way of life so natural that it borders on theexcessive Whew, what a cold hand he cried I wouldn t like to go home with a handlike that You should have let yourself be kissed, too, my friend That was an omission.Still, you can make up for it But sleep On a night like this What an idea Just thinkhow many thoughts a blanket

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    I don t think that I really understood it but Kafka is worth a shot anyway.

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    Parece uma trip de cidos A espa os bastante c mico, mas como um todo n o tem grande nexo Basta ler o Plot Summary da Wikipedia para me entender The first chapter is narrated by a young man attending a party and tells of his acquaintance as he is referred to in the story that he meets there The second chapter is the longest and is itself split into several sections The narrator leaps onto his acquaintance s back and rides him like a horse and imagines a lan

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    It s not so much a story to escape to but an escape from your own story If anyone really knows what s going on, please share Kafka writes with that deep knowing that is so far removed from everything that I question if he even knew his own knowing Literary ma...

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    Very very absurd and a bit shocking and as interesting as it might sounds It s not I suffered to continue reading with all that boredomthough I think it might deserve a second chance because I m not sure I understood everything

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    Interesting short stories from Kafka All of whom which represent the struggle of a character someway or another Some of the stories very introverted, some of them very supernatural All in all, a beautiful plethora of Kafkaesque ingenuity.

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    Definitely a quotable book I guess one could say It s a great read

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    First time reading Kafka for me and I don t think I picked the right story to start with Will try another bookmaybe hispopular known works.

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