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In Allegiance Trapped Between Loyalty To His King And His Longing For Home, Mathias Finally Gains What He Most Wants Home And Peace But When The King Gifts Him With A Personal Slave From A Conquered Princedom, He Can T Foresee The Rippling Effects That FollowAs Reve Struggles To Come To Terms With His New Station In A Foreign Land, He Still Hopes To Reclaim What He And His Family Have Lost An Empire Stands In His Way, Not To Mention His Own Complicated Feelings For His Captor

About the Author: Kate Islay

I write and read original m m romance, after several years of writing fanfiction In a former life I studied and taught western religious history and culture, but for now my focus has been on writing and working as a freelance writer in Balti.I like power dynamics, historical settings, and nuanced characters and plots I published my first novel, In Allegiance, as an online serial it s now available in a significantly revised version I havenovels and stories in the works, which I ll post about here.

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    His gaze drifted to Reve Bound or not, desperate men did stupid things, but Reve remained still, his gaze fixed away Firelight flickered over his features, turning him briefly into a prince of tales, forlorn and tragic Mathias dunked his head under the water to clear it DNF at 42% In Allegiance was a beautifully written story, with a world that was woven and built in such a believable manner However, I am pul

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    4.5 stars Shame on me for takingthan two years to act on a recommendation for this book.In my defense, I can say that I completely misunderstood the blurb at the time and I thought the relationship would be one of the master slave types, which is definitely not the case.Although Mathias and Reve started as master and slave, their circumstances were forced on both of them and their relationship was never about that

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    Love and honor in war.Reve is the second son of Salenne s king and a tribute of war given to Matthias, the conquering Cortesian general Though a slave he maybe in the eyes of Cortesian law, Mathias respects the young prince Mathias has earned his men s fealty through honor and good decisions it isn t long before he earns Reve s as well When do we forsake one of our oaths Choose between them Leal, Reve s younger brother,

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    Review of Version on Live Journal 02.12.13 My review of the published version of this work is here This book is not getting the traffic it should be I picked this up after reading Captive Prince and in seeking something to settle my CP high I found the recommendation for it on freece s S U Pacat s message board This is not Captive Prince, however, the similarities are there in plot concept and certainly in the well delivered f

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    Big thanks to Rachel for putting this on my radar It does indeed deservetraffic Thoughtful, subtle, quiet, smart The very few sex scenes are understated, where a touch to the face says everything.A lovely free read for when you feel introspective Big thanks to Rachel for putting this on my radar It does indeed deservetraffic Thoughtful, subtle, quiet, smart The very few sex scenes are understated, where a touch to the face says ever

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    Everyone in this city seemed to be conspiring against one otherI read the original version of this story on Live Journal three years ago and found it to be a solid four stars in its unedited state In fact, second to Captive Prince, it was probably one of the best crafted original works posted on Live Journal I think if Ms Islay had pulled it to publish as it was, it would have done just fine However, when she released this new version, sh

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    4.5 HEART POUNDING HEARTS Holy mother of all things heart pounding and nail biting THAT was a good book I feel a bit like this after reading it though.I m sorry to say it but I put off reading this for ages I think it was the cover honestly, but I absolutely devoured this book.This book is set in an alternate universe, but one very closely related to the time and period of the Roman empire It reminded me a lot of the movie Gladiator, but withou

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    thank you Elena for the push on this one, sitting on my kindle for I don t know how long What a great surprise this book was, I just could not put it down the story was far from what I expected I don t need to repeat the story as you can go look at the many other reviews what clicked for me was the writing of al the characters as well as the development of their relationship I enjoy The getting to know each of the players of the story and feel how th

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    In Allegiancewas a very nice surprise.Set in an indefinite historical past resembling the period of the Roman Empire, the novel focuses on the ongoing struggle for freedom of a Northern people hard pressed by the expansionist campaign of the King of the southern city of Cortesa.Pivoting around the crossed destinies of Mathias, the commander of the Cortesian army, and Reve, a prince sold to the commander as a slave, the book develops a very interesting and

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    After reading Rachel s review I decided to bump this up my reading list and I m so glad I did.This online serial captures the beautifully conflicting and tentative relationship between a Prince and his enemy captor There was so much to like about this I loved the two main characters and the dynamic between them, finding them equally captivating a tough feat as there is usually one I preferI also loved the tone, the writing and the general development of the char

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