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The Captain The Book Centers Around The Specialized Ocean Tugboat Trade In Harinxma, Then A Young Tugboat Officer, Escapes To Britain The Kwel Company Has Managed To Get Away Much Of Its Fleet And Personnel, One Jump Ahead Of The Advancing Germans, And Sets Up To Continue Operations From London Harinxma Gets His First Command, At An Earlier Age And Under Much Difficult Conditions Than He Would Otherwise Have Had, Specifically Acting As A Rescue Boat For The Often Suicidal Allied Convoys To Murmansk

About the Author: Jan de Hartog

Jan de Hartog 1914 2002 was a Dutch playwright, novelist and occasional social critic who moved to the United States in the early 1960s and became a Quaker From then on he wrote in English.At the beginning of his career he wrote five detective novels about the adventures of Commissioner Wiebe Poesiat and inspector Gregor Boyarski at the metropolitan harbor police under the pseudonym F.R EckmarJohannes Jan de Hartog was een Nederlandse schrijver van romans, toneelstukken en filmscenario s, vooral gekend om zijn romans over de scheepvaart.In het begin van zijn carri re schreef hij, onder het pseudoniem F.R Eckmar, ook een vijftal detectieveromans over de avonturen van commissaris Wiebe Poesiat en inspecteur Gregor Boyarski bij de hoofdstedelijke havenpolitie.

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    Worse Things Happen at SeaA ripping yarn, a wizard adventure Only Patrick O Brian holds a candle to Jan de Hartog in authentic tales of the sea It s the combination of human relations and the relations with the ship itself that does it for me Men under stress act in interesting ways And all men on a ship, not just in

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    Years ago when my mother moved out of her last house, she cleverly unloaded a considerable collection of books on me They caused a little family friction at times since one contingent would like to dispose of all we are unlikely to read and another thinks we should keep all we might sometime read Guess which side I m on.There

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    I have always thought of this book as one of my most favorite book After rereading it for the first time since the 60 s I got a fresh perspective on why this particular book struck such a strong cord with me The story of the young Dutch tug boat Captain on an extremely hazardous trip, acting as a rescue ship for a convoy en route to M

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    So many years ago can t reviewbut love everything by this author

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    This is the third or fourth time I read this in as many decades It s still excellent.

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    One of my all time favorite books.

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    The story of a very young Dutch sea captain who finds himself at the helm of the world s largest ocean going tug, escorting a convoy of ships through the hell of war After attack from U boots and bombers, ships are sunk, and men are killed Written in the first person, the captain provides a vivid and personal account why the Allies fight was a just one He provides detai

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    The tugboat is a Holland rescue ship on a British convoy up and around the Arctic Circle that goes to Russia on one side and Canada on the other The first person narrator is the Dutch captain This is a totally absorbing story with a strong anti war message The only winners are the lucky ones who don t get killed What makes it different and fascinating is its stress on the interp

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    Since my father, named Jan but changed to John as he grew older, was a Dutchman like DeHartog, perhaps I felt a special kinship to this author I wrote a fan letter to him when he was very old and he kindly inscribed in trembling hand a bookplate which I had enclosed to be pasted in my copy of this book.All his sea books are dramatic and many follow the same character as he rises in the r

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    Long before this peace loving Quaker author wrote the likes of The Peaceable Kingdom, he had a succession of WWII novels based on his sea going experiences with The Captain being the most polished It explores the interactions of men and women under stress to include the notions of trust and loyalty.

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