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The Tale Of Miss Berta London: Recollections of Accomplishments The Tale Of Miss Berta London Is For Any Young Audience Who Encounters Difficulties In School, Home Life Or Any Other Case For That Matter This Book Can Be For Anyone Who Needs To Be Uplifted In Times Of Hardship The Main Purpose Of This Book Is To Uplift And Inspire Children And Young Adults Miss Berta S Character Is One Many Young Readers Can See As A Mentor She Goes Through A Variety Of Journeys And Has Come A Long Way From Top Fashion Editor, To A Well Respected Humanitarian For The Youth I Strongly Feel That It Is Important To Circulate Positive Books For The Youth, To Give Them A Sense Of Conviction That They Can Achieve Anything They Put Their Minds To, Regardless Of The Case Or Situation I Wanted My First Book To Target The Youth Because The Future Lies In Their HandsBerta S Days As Fashion Editor Were Not What She Expected Her Mother Was A Fashion Icon Therefore, She Felt It Was Her Duty To Live Her Mother S Legacy And Be A Fashion Mogul Miss Berta Learns A Hard Lesson Life Is Than The Material World She Hits Rock Bottom And Has No Choice, But To Become A Nanny For A Rich Family, The Williamson S She Has To Adapt To This Social Class This New Job She Receives As Nanny Makes Her A Grounded Person And She Uses These New Skills To Create A Magazine, That Will Bring Families Closer Together She Serves Her Purpose As A Mentor, Solving Problems For Troubled Families Miss Berta London Is A Character, Who Becomes Appreciated By All, Once Given The Chance

About the Author: Jihan Latimer

My name is Jihan Latimer and I am an artist writer, illustrator, traveler and adventurer by nature I read as many books as I can and try to make the impossible, possible.

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    I hesitate to totally pan a book, but in all honesty, I cannot offer any praise for The Tale of Miss Berta London by Jihan Latimer The story line was sophomoric at best and ridiculous at worst The characters were unbelievable and not well developed To give a

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    I won This book in a Goodreads Giveaway.This was a sweet uplifting book Miss Berta days as fashion editor were not what she expected Her mother was a fashion icon So of course she felt it was her duty to live her mother s legacy and be a fashion mogul But things don

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    I won this book on Goodreads Berta runs a fashion business and after a bad showing loses everything, her job, and home She takes a job as a nanny and then as a substitute teacher.She discovers a way to combine he publishing knowledge with new value, helping others.

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    Good book.good characters.

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    I won this book from Good Reads.It was not really my kind of book.

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    This was a very entertaining book The story was uplifting with a positive tone I would highly recommend this book.

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    I won a free copy of this book from Good Reads The story line had so much potential which is the reason I put into win a copy I feel guilty giving this book or any book one star but, sadly I would give it a zero if that were an option The dialogue was immature and not consistent with the type of characters the

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    Just finished.If you want a feel good read this us your book.Quite a heart warming story.Anything is possible with hard work and determination.

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