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Storybook Dad Laura Bradford s Storybook Dad is an inspiring tale of living life to the fullest, no matter what obstacles get in our way Emily Todd s diagnosis of MS doesn t stop her from keeping a positive outlook in her life or work Her business, a lifelong dream, assists others in facing their challenges Mark Reynolds walks through her door one day, looking to jump start his life after the loss of his wife Their chemistry is strong Mark s young son falls for Emily, too When Mark learns of Emily s MS, h Storybook Dad Download Author Laura Bradford Ivogue.co.uk When Mark Reynolds First Meets Emily Todd, He S Smitten So Is Seth, His Son Which Is Why Mark Has To Nip This Attraction In The Bud Emily S Been Honest About Her Diagnosis, And Mark Can T Put Seth Through The Heartbreak Of Another Illness Even Though Emily Is Fit, Sexy And Oh So Alive.Mark S As Close As Any Man S Come To Being The Prince Emily Imagined When She Was A Girl, Right Down To The Gorgeous, Ocean Blue Eyes But That Girl Never Imagined Herself With MS Emily Doesn T Want To Be Anyone S Burden, And She Doesn T Want To Hurt Mark S Vulnerable Son So She Ll Harden Her Heart, Stick To Her Work And Forget About The Magic Of Mark S Touch.Can Two Grown Ups With Their Minds Made Up Learn A Lesson In Love From A Four Year Old Boy Not only has Laura Bradford written a charming and fast paced story, she has also obviously poured her heart and soul into Storybook Dad EmilyTodd, the heroine of Storybook Dad, is an independent, strong woman who is dealing with her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis the best way she knows how by being pro active in keeping fit and healthy, and being protective of her heart But when Mark Reynolds comes into her life, Emily finds that her heart has other plans and she finds herself falling for the handsome widower But will she be able to convince him that she is not going anywhere and won t bring further heartache into his life Laura s excellent storytel Storybook Dad is the moving tale of Emily Todd, a woman with MS who lives her life to the fullest, meeting physical challenges and teaching others how to achieve what they ve only dreamed of doing before Missing in her life, however, is love and family, a dream she doesn t think she ll be able to find because of her illness Enter Mark Reynold Very good book Emily owns and runs a high adventure company She met Mark when he took a compass class from her She then met his son Seth a little later and was drawn to the adorable little boy as much as she was his father Mark was also very attracted to her, but reluctant to get involved with anyone so soon after his wife s death from cancer When he finds out about Emily s illness he is even reluctant to risk his son s heartbreak I loved Emily and her determination not to let her MS rule her life She was doing everything possible to make sure she stayed well for as long as possible The only issue she had was her d Emily Todd runs an adventure challenge type business despite being recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis Mark Reynolds is a recently widowed father with a guilty conscience who takes an orienteering class and promptly falls for Emily Both have lessons to learn The interesting point in this romance is that Mark is

About the Author: Laura Bradford

Elizabeth Lynn Casey.While spending a rainy afternoon at a friend s house nearly forty years ago, Laura Bradford fell in love with writing over a stack of blank paper, a box of crayons, and a freshly sharpened number two pencil.Those early attempts at the craft had her writing and illustrating stories for young children Wise beyond her years, Laura saved her first writing attempt in a hand decorated shoe box complete with sparkly stickers and moved on to her next idea Her second book O Casey s Wish was so utterly brilliant, she sent it off to a well known New York publishing house at the tender age of ten, confident she was on the verge of becoming the next Don Freeman Corduroy or Shel Silverstein Giving Tree Months later, she received her first form letter rejection.While she wasn t of the mindset to save that first crushing blow for posterity, Laura did save the original copy of this particular literary masterpiece in the event the letter was a mistake Desperate to prove her flexibility as a writer, Laura soon found herself dabbling in jokes for her Girl Scout troop s newsletter , stories of angst a somewhat autobiographical look at her teenage years , movie reviews for the Xavier University Newswire , and countless news and feature articles for newspapers in CT, SC, TN, and MO It wasn t until Laura was home raising children of her own though, that she was finally able to dust off that rainy day dream and bring it back to its original form writing fiction Today, she is a bestselling mystery author with Berkley Prime Crime Penguin Publishing , and an award winning romance author with Harlequin American She lives in New York with her family Oh, and if you meet Laura at a book event in the future, ask her about O Casey s Wish It tends to travel with her everywhere she goes.

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