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A Nurses Story Download A Nurses Story Author Tilda Shalof Freeboooks.com The Team Of Nurses That Tilda Shalof Found Herself Working With In The Intensive Care Unit ICU Of A Big City Hospital Was Known As Laura S Line They Were A Bit Wild Smart, Funny, Disrespectful Of Authority, But Also Caring And Incredibly Committed To Their Jobs Laura Set The Tone With Her Quick Remarks Frances, From Newfoundland, Was Famous For Her Improvised Recipes Justine, The Union Rep, Wore T Shirts Emblazoned With Defiant Slogans, Like Nurses Care But It S Not In The Budget Shalof Was The One Who Had Been To University The Others Accused Her Of Being Sooo Sensitive They Depended Upon One Another Working In The ICU Was Both Emotionally Grueling And Physically Exhausting Many Patients, Quite Simply, Were Dying, And The Staff Strove Mightily To Prolong Their Lives With Their Skill, Dedication, And The Resources Of Modern Science, They Sometimes Were Almost Too Successful Doctors And Nurses Alike Wondered If What They Did For Terminally Ill Patients Was Not, In Some Cases, Too Extreme A Number Of Patients Were Admitted When It Was Too Late Even For Heroic Measures A Boy Struck Down By A Cerebral Aneurysm In The Middle Of A Little League Hockey Game A Woman Rescued Too Late From A Burning House It All Took Its Toll On The Staff.And Yet, On Good Days, They Thrived On What They Did Shalof Describes A Colleague Who Is Managing A Crashing Patient I Looked At Her Nicky Was Flushed With Excitement She Was Doing Five Different Things At The Same Time, Planning Ahead For Another Five She Was Totally Focused, In Her Element, In Control, Completely At Home With The Chaos There Was A Huge Smile On Her Face Nurses Like To Fix Things If They Can Shalof, A Veteran ICU Nurse, Reveals What It Is Really Like To Work Behind The Closed Hospital Curtains The Drama, The Sardonic Humour, The Grinding Workload, The Cheerful Camaraderie, The Big Issues And The Small, All Are Brought Vividly To Life In This Remarkable Book From The Hardcover Edition.

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    This book was mildly interesting but poorly written and evenpoorly edited The narrative was choppy and repetetive and basically boiled down to a couple of different points she was too sensitive, others weren t sensitive enough, nurses don t get enough respect and drastic end of l

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    Wow, I really don t like this book It is redundant and not very well written I was put off by the broad assumptions the author made when assisting the priest to find Catholic patients based on last name But then, I was completely horrified that the author decided to brush off a concer

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    This is a very tender and emotional story of a nurse and her experiences working in the intensive care unit ICU of a Toronto hospital And for your warning there is also rawness in her narrative people are in the I.C.U not because they choose to be, but because they are very sick and very v

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    The real picture of what it is to be a nurse Sweet, sweat, bodily fluids and .This story by Tilda Shalof expresses part of the same journey she describes in her book The Making of a Nurse Only she wrote A Nurse s Story first and I read it second Still very highly recommended for anyone with a s

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    It s pretty technical at times, and does sort of just meander from patient to patient, but I liked this book It seems to put into concise terms the balance of reward and emotional price in this high stress area of medicine How a good death is often the best outcome My daughter works in this field, a

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    This is a great book filled with stories about what nurses experience everyday Shalof doesn t just stick to the pretty stuff either she explores many interesting, difficult and rewarding parts of nursing I...

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    THe beginning of this book intrigued me, and held my attention I hold nurses and doctors in the highest esteem, and know that the majority of care is provided by the nursing staff I have to say as I continued however, that this book disturbed me just a little bit No, I am not in the medical profession but fou

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    Every new nurse should read this book, it makes you realize entering into our career takes time and patience there is no easy way

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    Time taken to read 6 daysPublisher Emblem Editionspages 368Blurb from GoodreadsThe team of nurses that Tilda Shalof found herself working with in the intensive care unit ICU of a big city hospital was known as Laura s Line They were a bit wild smart, funny, disrespectful of authority, but also caring and incredibly com

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    An excellent biography of the life of an Intensive Care Nurse who worked in the various hospitals in Toronto.Tilda Shalof begins her nursing career with great trepidation and a lack of self confidence Working on a life like dummy in a classroom is a whole lot different than attempting to install an I.V in a real live person

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