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Truly Married Their Marriage Was Eternal Magic, A Fiery Fusion Of Body And Soul But In One Blind Moment Of Betrayal, Attorney Fergus Lachlan Forfeited Sharon S Precious Love And Lost His Paradise On EarthFive Hellish Years Elapsed Then A Bolt Came From The Blue Sharon Was Accused Of Murder Could Her Former Husband Defend Her Life And Justify His Endless Love Their Fierce, Unstoppable Passion Flared Once But Was This Just A Breathless, Desperate Reprieve Or Truly Paradise Regained

About the Author: Phyllis Halldorson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Truly Married book, this is one of the most wanted Phyllis Halldorson author readers around the world.

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    I read these books, and ask myself are men really this stupid Or are we, women, underestimating them Maybe women cheat in the same ways, and nobody is writing about that I am constantly staggered by stupid decisions fiction characters make when it comes to the nefarious other women It baffles me Sure, I have seen cheating in real life, but somehow I see those cheaters as people with a bitpurpose Yes, there are those who get in to a mid life crises and paint themselves in to a clich I read thes

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    It was a three stars read until the idiotic woman went crawling back to the cheating ex husband It was bad enough that he didn t fight for their marriage before but he gave up on her again the second time around What is wrong with this author A Hea where one of the couple cheated is not emotionally satisfying unless you have the cheater running through hoops and on his knees grovelling and ripping his heart out Instead he walked away from her, and she had to run after him months later in o It was a t

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    The h in this book is the queen of all doormat heroines The H cheats, doesn t fight for their marriage, agrees to the divorce and married the OW.The h pines for him for five years Five years For a cheating rotten husband Boy, she really must have some self esteem issues.When the h is accused of murder, the H comes as a knight in shining armour to defend her After that, all the h does is apologise.I am sorry, what Shouldn t it be the other way around Shouldn t the H be apologising But no, The h in this book

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    He d truly loved Elaine, was shattered when she died, so why did he still feel this aching need for Sharon Hrmbecause he s a two timing narcissist incapable of human decency Just guessing.The wife Sharon discovers her husband has been having an emotional affair with a colleague Elaine at his law office and divorces him Fast forward to five years later, and the ex wife is accused of murdering her lecherous supervisor at work Returning to his office to retrieve her purse after they He d truly loved Elaine, was shatt

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    Emotional cheating only in this one.It was not that he was so horrible, but in the end she convinced herself she was as much at fault as he was.They married when she was 19 and he was in the early stages of his law career Given that, there were sure to be problems, but I find him muchat fault that her and it was seriously irritating to see the guilt she felt at their failed marriage.The easy disposal unexpected death of the second wife was also annoying This book just rubbed me the wro Emotional cheating only in this one

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    It always came back to that The curse of caring deeply for one woman and being passionately in love with another The much reviled book.And evenreviled H This was a letdown actually Angst wise Knowing all the crap going in, the book proved mild and meh The H is good and honorable , the h is sweet and compassionate , and the dead ow bright and vivacious The author preferred taking the we are all conflicted yes but basically nice and honorable people line instead of any great It always came back to that The curse of caring deeply

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    Sharon and Fergus had a whirlwind romance They quickly married and had been in that state for a few years However, all they do is fight or visit the bedroom They don t seem to have anything else in common Sharon truly trusts her husband and believes that he loves her and would never stray Yet, she has been receiving notes recently three in total The last one she decides to check out just to prove to the helpful writer that nothing is going on After all it claimed that both her husband Sharon and Fergus had a whirlwind romance They qui

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here For me this was 2.5 stars, with the story unfolding as they seek to prove her innocence Their past, his infidelity emotional not physical and the end left me with a sense of dissatisfaction He did stray no matter where you draw the line and that she somehow ends up taking some of the blame for their difficulties in the past did not sit right with me.A re read 2 Well written, had some great passages, but a cheating book with redemption is hard to pull off view spo

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    This story was just so unrealistic Or maybe just so frustrating that I can t buy it LOL I mean, the Hero is a complete moron and his excuses were beyond pathetic heroine lacked a backbone and eventually if not instantly bought into all his crap And the OW She deserved a horrid death, not the easy one she got.The main issues, obviously, is the whole cheating and relationship with OW First of all, even if they didn t sleep together, the fact H was sneaking around to hang out with a woman This story was just so unrealistic Or maybe just so frustrating

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    such a pathetic book I hated the heroinethan the hero How could she go back to him after what he had done to her He cheated on her, even if he didn t sleep with the other woman he was emotionally attached to her and he leads her on knowing she is in love with him He even thoroughly kissed her which was later witnessed by the h which leads to their divorce He readily gave h divorce n without wasting much time married the ow He wouldn t even have thought about the h if the ow was alive such a pathetic book I hated the heroinethan the hero How could she go b

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