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Dangerous Desire When I first started this book, I was concerned I would not be able to finish it I am an animal lover and dog fighting is part of the plot line Fortunately, it is not too graphic in that area and definitely represents the evils of the sport The sex, however, is graphic and hot There is a plot to the story, so it is not just one sex scene after another I particularly enjoyed the scenes where Sienna tries to check Cruz out without him noticing It never seemed to work Whenever, she looked at him, she caught him looking at her He was most definitely an ass man while she drooled over his chest and abs I have to say, they way they were described, I would be drooling too.What I did not like is the fact that they immediately fell in bed with each other Sienna has just lost her dog that she considers her child SynopsisSienna Diaz is desperate to find her missing beagle, no matter what it costs She hires Cruz Santino, the best and hottest in the business He s an ex cop, dangerous on many levels, which comes in handy when all evidence indicates her beloved pet was snatched to use in a dogfighting ring Cruz will do whatever it takes to find Sienna s lost pet, but he also wants results from the smokin hot attraction between them and he isn t above breaking his own hands off clients rule to get there However, until he brings her beloved beagle home safely, he won t have Sienna s undivided attentionand affectionMy Review I won this on a Badass Book Review blog giveaway and must thank Erika so much and Diane as well for sending me this book I loved Dangerous Desire I could relate to the characters well, with their love of dogs I really enjoyed the banter between the characters, especially Tori she was Read Dangerous Desire Author Diane Escalera Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Sometimes You Have To Lose One Thing To Find Another.Sienna Diaz Is Desperate To Find Her Missing Beagle, No Matter What It Costs She Hires Cruz Santino, The Best And Hottest In The Business He S An Ex Cop, Dangerous On Many Levels, Which Comes In Handy When All Evidence Indicates Her Beloved Pet Was Snatched To Use In A Dogfighting Ring Cruz Will Do Whatever It Takes To Find Sienna S Lost Pet, But He Also Wants Results From The Smokin Hot Attraction Between Them And He Isn T Above Breaking His Own Hands Off Clients Rule To Get There However, Until He Brings Her Beloved Beagle Home Safely, He Won T Have Sienna S Undivided Attentionand Affection.Strong Language, Caliente Sex, Violence, And A Dangerously Hot Rescue. Dangerous Desire gave me a story that was unique, which I always enjoy For that alone I liked it right off the bat The characters of Sienna and Cruz were so cute together I loved that they were a bit older than the age group you get when reading most romances At the upper end of 30, Sienna isn t thinking about meeting a man In fact she has kinda sworn them off Actually she s had a horrible day ending with finding her dog gone and her house ransacked.Cruz is the best pet detective in town Nothing gets in his way Except the bombshell that just showed up distraught over her missing beagle Clues are pointing to an old foe and a dog fighting ring Sienna is beside herself with worry over her precious pup and Cruz will stop nothing to bring her back to the woman he is growing to love.This was a cute contemporary romance with a suspense type undercurrent I found it to be well wrote and there wasn t any long lags that I found while reading it The only thing that bugged me isn t very understood, even by me I love my dogs Don t get me wrong I have two myself Now if I knew without a shadow of a doubt up front that I was dealing with a dog fighting ring sure I d go all out If I just came home and found my dog gone and my house ransacked Well I dunno I m not exactly made of money you know Hiring a pet detective would be a bit out of my price range So in that respect I had to ask would som Reviewed by LisaSienna Diaz has had a hard day Nothing went right and she just found out that she will be laid off soon She just wanted to go home and relax with her beagle, Zola But as she pulled into her driveway, she realized that something was not right Her beloved little Zola, who usually peeks through the window as her owner comes home everyday, is not in her spot.Sienna, fearing the worst, rushes out of her SUV and into her house She finds her front door wide open and that her house is a complete and total wreck And worst yet, no sign of her sweet beagle, anywhere.She immediately calls the police who arrive and search the place and get a statement from her on any missing items The intruders seemed to have only gotten away with a bit of money she had stowed away for emergencies and an old cell phone was damaged However, the most glaring thing not there was her dog.Heartbroken and distraught over the loss of her dog, she decides that she won t stop looking for Zola Sienna enlists the help of her best friend in the world, Tori, who s boyfriend just happens to be a cop He recommends a detective agency that specializes in missing animals His friend, Cruz Santino, runs it.Sienna will do almost anything to get Zola back and hires Cruz to find her He s an ex cop, who s slightly jaded from his life on the force, stating Online blurb Sometimes you have to lose one thing to find another.Sienna Diaz is desperate to find her missing beagle, no matter what it costs She hires Cruz Santino, the best and hottest in the business He s an ex cop, dangerous on many levels, which comes in handy when all evidence indicates her beloved pet was snatched to use in a dogfighting ring.Cruz will do whatever it takes to find Sienna s lost pet, but he also wants results from the smokin hot attraction between them and he isn t above breaking his own hands off clients rule to get there However, until he brings her beloved beagle home safely, he won t have Sienna s undivided attentionand affection.Strong language, caliente sex, violence, and a dangerously hot rescue from publisher s website My opinion Sienna Diaz is a divorced mother of a college age daughter who lives with her faithful and much loved beagle, Zola After a day from hell, she returns home to find her home has been broken into and trashed and Zola is gone Luckily her neighbor s boyfriend is a cop and he refers Sienna to Top Dawg, the best in pet and animal recovery.Cruz Santino is an ex marine and ex cop who has turned his crime fighting and investigative training skills toward a niche business of animal recovery A pet lover, he s determined to reunited pets and owners and, along with his brother Cole, he s turned Top Dawg into the most successful business of its kind out there Review posted at Hesperia Loves Books3.75 5 StarsI REALLY enjoyed this book With the exception of some minor editing glitches, this is a fabulous read and my first by Diane Escalara.Sienna came home from work to find her house broken into and her beloved beagle, Zola, missing After searching all night with no luck finding her, Sienna takes the advice of a friend and contacts a professional From the first moment she meets Cruz, there is an instant connection, could he be the one she s waited her entire life for At 18 Sienna got pregnant and married the father, Lazaro She was young, in love and believed had the entire world ahead of her After 18 years of being unhappy and unfulfilled, she decided to end the marriage She wanted needed After being divorced for several years, she knows what she wants from a relationship is strong and confident enough with herself, to accept nothing less Cruz is a strong very dominant male He knows what he wants in a woman and refuses to settle until he finds her Sparks fly when they meet and a whirlwind weekend and dog rescue ensue Even though I am a huge animal lover and the plot in this book was refreshingly new, that aspect took a backseat to the very HAWT romance between Cruz Sienna I completely identified with this book I had my first child was married at 18 I thought I knew everything, when in reality, I was just a baby myself with a lot growing up to do still to do I didn t ha Posted on Under the CoversI really enjoyed reading this one At first, I was a little skeptical about the whole pet detective thing I wasn t sure how something like this would hold my attention, but I was thrilled to admit that I loved it Dangerous Desire starts off when Sienna Diaz comes home after losing her job She hopes to gain some comfort from her little Beagle Zola, but instead she finds her home broken into and her precious Zola gone In an effort to get her little Zola back, she contacts her Cruz Santino, an ex cop who runs Top Dawg When the evidence shows that little Zola may have been taken to use in a dogfighting ring, things get pretty rough Now let s start with all the things I loved about this book.First off, Cruz is some hawt stuff I adored his character and from the moment he was introduced, I realized then that I would love this book Ms Escalera does a fantastic job with her characters I absolutely fell in love with all of them Sienna is a complete sweetheart and I loved reading from her POV Tori, Sienna s best friend was freakin hilarious She may be my favourite of all I loved her rapier wit and upbeat personali My review First line of story What a crappy day If one thing went wrong, Sienna Diaz would scream so loud she d pop an artery When Sienna Diaz comes home from work she discovers her house has been trashed and her beloved dog, Zola, is missing Desperate as she is, she hires Cruz Santino, an ex cop who now tracks down missing pets for a living He quickly discovers that her dog was stolen for a purpose, to be bait in the dog fighting industry Sienna will do whatever it takes to get her pet back but cannot fail to notice what a hot guy Cruz is and the way he stares at her, their attraction is mutual Three years ago she got divorced and since then her love life has been nonexistent Perhaps it is time to revive it and Cruz might be the right man for the job Cruz Santino cannot take his eyes off the hot woman who has hired him to find her missing Beagle The attraction between them is explosive and he is determined to explore it further, but finding her pet has to be his top priority As the illegal dog fighting industry attracts lots of thugs and criminals Cruz decides to keep Sienna at his side so she is safe While they search for Zola they also explore their explosive chemistry together and Cruz discovers that Sienna might be 3.5 5 I can t round up to four There were some issues with the writing I ll write about them further down.The book itself is really cute and hot Not my usual reading material, and I had a harder time relating to the heroine Sienna because I m not a dog lover I like animals, but I don t have any desire to own a dog Sienna and Cruz both loved their dogs Like children Babied them, kissed them, fretted about them I don t have that drive Please don t hate me Sienna was married for 18 years to the father of her daughter Marina Sienna got pregnant at 18, and tried to do the right thing, as did the father, Lazaro However, after 18 years, she had had enough She wanted passion, love, and to be happy She wasn t any of those things She has been divorced for three years, and has been discovering herself, and how to make herself happy I really liked Sienna as a person She was funny, warm, and caring.Cruz Santino is a Pet Detective I giggled too, dam you Ace Ventura As a former cop turned PI, he has the unique skill set to find lost or stolen dogs His trusty Canine companion Roman the German Shepard is always by his side, and is an integral part of his investigative techniques I did like Roman, and if I were going to have a dog, I would love a K9 Trained German Shepard Cruz is Alpha Strong, dependable, and hot And Dirty I like dirty men in the bedroom He was also a Talker Another plus Sienna s dog is stolen and she hears about Cruz s Agen

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