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At The Turning Point Of The Dominion War, Captain Benjamin Sisko Of Starbase Deep Space 9 TM , Facing Certain Defeat By The Relentless Forces Of The Jem Hadar And The Cardassians, Went Through With A Secret Plan To Secure The Aid Of The Federation S Longtime Adversaries, The Romulans What Began As A Desperate Attempt To Save Lives Became A Descent Into An Abyss Of Deception, Moral Compromises, And Outright Criminal Acts, As Sisko Sacrificed Every Ideal He Held Dear In Order To Preserve The Civilization That Espoused Those Selfsame Principles.Now The Aftermath Of That Choice Is Revealed For The First Time As Sisko Is Summoned To Earth To Take Part In The First Allied Talks To Come Out Of The Federation S New Partnership With The Romulans But Sisko S Conscience Weighs Heavily On Him, Compelling Him To Seek Some Kind Of Penance For What He Has Donewhile Elements Within Starfleet Itself Set In Motiona Scheme To Use Elim Garak As A Pawn Against A Human Political Dissident Who May Hold The Key To The Outcome Of The War.HOLLOW MENA TALE OF THE DOMINION WAR Hollow Men

About the Author: Una McCormack

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hollow Men book, this is one of the most wanted Una McCormack author readers around the world.

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    Star Trek Deep Space Nine Hollow Men by Una McCormack This novel is set after In the Pale Moonlight Sisko and Garak travel to Earth for a conference of the allied forces While Sisko s struggling with his role in bringing the Romulans into the war, Garak is debriefed by apparent Intelligence officers and tasked with making a former Starfleet of

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    The characterization in the book was superb Garak s dialogue especially was spot on, and often had me laughing at his quick and subtle wit.One thing this book did really well was show characters dealing with things that happened in episodes set prior in afleshed out way than the series did The main plot w...

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    i ll read anything garak centric he is my number one dude.

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    After wanting to read this book in May 2016 and then deciding not to until I d watched a number of the episodes leading up to and surrounding it, I finally picked this book up again in January 2017.Elim Garak is most definitely one of my favourite Star Trek characters and Una McCormack does a superb job of writing him This book s Garak is no cardboard

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    Deep Space Nine is notoriously the darkest of the six Star Trek series, repeatedly exploring corridors of the human experience that other series gave a wide berth The horrors of war dominated the latter half of the series, and no character escaped the grim costs of war especially not Captain Benjamin Sisko, who, in In the Pale Moonlight struck a Faustian

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I have wanted to read this book for almost a year and I was not disappointed I would wager that if you asked any fan of Deep Space Nine to list their top ten episodes that In the Pale Moonlight would be on it I would even hazard to say it would be in the top five The story was ju

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    Hollow Men was a great read I admit to some bias, in that Elim Garak is one of my favorite Star Trek characters of all time, and Una McCormack writes him superbly Although Star Trek literature is often painted with the low brow brush, Hollow Men is anything but Many issues are explored in this novel s pages, causing methan once to put the book down and really c

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    If you re a fan of DS9 and or Garak, you re really going to like this If this is your introduction to DS9, I don t think you d really get the importance of what s going on This book follows up a week or two after the episode In the Pale Moonlight , and Sisko and Garak are called to Earth to contribute to a conference between the Klingons, Romulans, and Federation,

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    As this book is to tell about Captain Sisko s issues from his deal to bring the Romulans into the Dominion War, I was really looking forward to it However, like most DS9 books, when Garak is a character, the author shows just how much they love him Garak completely overshadows the book, to it s detriment An interesting new character Thomas Roeder, former Starfleet of

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    The best DS9 novel I have ever readand one of the best Star Trek novels in general Una McCormack manages to weave a story into the very heart of the Dominion Wara story that hangs astonishing character development onto a serviceable plot I have rarely read such exquisite examinations of any of Star Trek s main characters as I have in this novelparticularly Sisko As for

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